What is „outsideisfree – get outside“ all about?

We are a collective of nature and outdoorsports inspired content creators from all over the place. We love to travel, explore and create content for your business outside.

The main goal of this website is to get people outside. With our pictures and travel/adventure stories we want to inspire people to get outside and enjoy what nature has to offer. No matter how, most of our bike adventures can be done by foot, the same goes for posts about skiing. Nature has so much to offer, every free minute spent inside is a lost opportunity to enjoy and explore what’s outside. So it’s simple, go outside, its free and enjoy! Happiness awaits!

Armin "Ben" Wurmser

Armin "Ben" Wurmser

Founder, Photography, Videography, Web, Texting

Besides being outside on the bike, the skis or the surfboard one of Armins biggest passions is capturing the impressions on his adventures – with his camera. Most of the pictures on outsideisfree are taken with a Sony A7II, a full frame mirrorless camera, combined with his beloved wide angle or a 70-200m telezoom lens.


Armin started biking as a kid on his rigid schoolbike which he broke pretty soon. This caused him to work in his holidays to pay for his first “real” bike – a BMC hardtail. 

What started as an after school hobby quickly became his favourite activity and ignited the love for mountains and epic singletrails. Each bike he got had more travel, this ended up in him being a park rat and spending every free second in a bike park for a couple of years. During this time he started getting into another passion – photography.  
After a bike accident that tied him to his bed for almost 6 months he started focusing on his love for mountains and epic singletrails again. Discovering new terrain and epic trails brought back all what initially started him being a biker – He is as passionate about every aspect of mountainbiking as he ever was.


In love with nature


Ready to travel

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