Jeizinen – What?

What do you do when its December and most resorts started with the winter season but there is no snow and therefore still biking season? Yes I know, biking season is all year long, but both of us love skiing, too – therefore we do have a couple of months each year with less mountainbiking and more skiing.

Well, you search for gondolas that are open all year long. Ideally regions that are south exposed in order to get at least some sun on your face too.

jeizinen gampel valais mtb mountainbike trail switzerland

Sunset MTB ride down from Jeizinen to Gampel

Jeizinen – How?

How you get there you may ask. Easy enough there is a train from Berne that stops at Hohtenn. From there its a short singletrail down to Gampel – thats the place where there is once a year a crazy open air. Gampel is also home to the Gondola that brings you 900m up the mountain to Jeizinen. A single uplift with bike costs 12CHF. A full day 30CHF. Reasonable I would say.

jeizinen gampel valais mtb mountainbike trail switzerland

Mänu flying down the trails of Jeizinen (in a good way)

Jeizinen – Trails?

There are a few trails down the mountain, including one „bike“ trail which offers a couple of fun sections down the hill. Besides that you can basicly take any trail that points downward to Gampel, Bratsch, Engersch or Erschmatt. They are all fun, I promise!

Jeizinen – Why in December?

As mentioned its super south facing and therefore super hot during summer. For us the perfect time to ride is early spring and late autumn. And of course winter if there is no snow. Again, there are webcams helping to decide. Additionally you should avoid busy days because the gondola isn’t that big. We fit in 5 of us with 5 bikes. Therefore the line on the station might get long when there are many riding at Jeizinen.

jeizinen gampel valais mtb mountainbike trail switzerland

Last ride of the day – Jeizinen delivered, again!

Jeizinen – Food?

Say no more. The only place we tried was the restaurant attached to the gondola station in Jeizinen. Food was great and reasonable priced. And the view, well, was amazing. Check their website: Restaurant Seilbahn

Jeizinen – other options?

2 years ago in a particular bad winter for skiers I went to Jeizinen end of March and rode a variation (containing some uphill) towards Leuk. Trails have been fantastic there, too. So there is more than the almost countless options directly down to Gampel for busier days.

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