Backcountry tour of the Pyrenees Orientales

The Challenge

Altitude Adventures is a well known name in England, but not yet that well known in the german countries. The pyrenees could be a potential alternative to the well known trails of Finale Ligure (where a lot of german speaking mountainbikers head to during beginning and end of the season.

The Solution

Basically Influencer Marketing and Content Marketing.
Tina went to ride a week with Ian from Altitude Adventures and a group of clients  together with the photographer Saskia Dougan. After a week of riding and intense use instagram stories and engagement with her followers we published articles in major german and english speaking magazines to spread to word of this wonderful region and great alternative to Finale Ligure. The stories were published at the end of January, where most of the potential clients of Altitude Adventures start to plan the upcomming season.

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