It’s summer and today is the longest day of the year. The perfect day to do a good afterwork lap on the road bike, starting late in the afternoon, when the temperatures have dropped a bit.

Today we do parts of the Tour de Suisse stage 3 – 2016 (Grosswangen – Rheinfelden) with about 70 km and 1100 meters climbing.

The tour can be started from different locations. We have decided to meet in Neuenkirch and start our afterwork lap from there. Not long after we start we get greeted by the first crisp uphill.


From Neuenkirch we pass through idyllic farms and golden wheat fields until we reach Ruswil where we allow ourselves a short stop and fill up our drinking bottles with fresh water.

The route leads us, with a few small counter climbs, to a small chapel. The view from up there is beautiful, the lake glistens turquoise and the golden evening sun turns the lush meadows wonderfully yellow.

From Nottwil we continue via Buttisholz to Grosswangen. After the first loop ends in Oberkirch, we cross a longer flat section to the other side of the lake.



After we had some rest on the flat, we start into our next ascent which leads us past Krumbach to Rickenbach. From a distance we can already see Beromünster and it’s former Radio Transmit Antenna.

The station was in use until December 29, 2008.

We’re rolling past the tower. The atmosphere in the sky is getting better and better. Clouds are rising, condensing, but not so much that the sun may no longer shine through. The descent down to Sempach is simply fantastic. We keep our brakes open and roll towards our destination.

The goal of today’s round is the Caribbean Village in Nottwil. The Caribbean Village is a small Caribbean oasis on Lake Sempach in Nottwil and a popular meeting place for road cyclists. We also think that the „colourful little village“ is definitely worth a visit.

We toast to the successful round. My two friends can’t stop talking about this lovely small round. They do agree – this tour around Lake Sempach is a small road bike pearl in the heart of the Lake Sempach region of Lucerne.

Here you’ll find the tour we did.

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