We arrived on a Monday in beautiful Wanaka after a week of bad weather on the west coast of New Zealand. After a bit of sight-seeing (the walks at diamond lake turned out to be beautiful and far less crowded than Roys Peak) we got the chance to join a backcountry adventure involving a heli uplift and some of the best views over Wanaka country you could get.

In the early morning of our heli backcountry adventure we met with the rest of the group and John, our guide from Wanaka Bike Tours at the airport. We quickly loaded the heli from Alpine Helicopter and then – after some prep talk – we took off towards the Mount Pisa Range.


For both of us it was the first time in a heli with our bikes hanging on the outside.

Timing couldn’t have been better and we took of just a bit after sunrise (this might have been the plan all along but we didn’t know about it). The views around Wanaka are impressive, but from a bird’s eye perspective even better. I am sure the whole group would agree to that.


only 15 minutes after take off we were approaching the peak of Mt. Pisa

This will probably be the first time I am complaining about a quick uphill. But really. The flight only took about 15 minutes – enough to embrace the views but surely quite short.


The heli just before landing on Mt. Pisa

Good thing about having a Photog with you: You get to turn an extra round around the peak for some pictures of the helicopter with the bikes on. Thanks Alpine Helicopters and John for this.


Unloading the heli

After unloading the helicopter quickly made its way home and left us at the top of the mountain with the civilization far away.


Classic heli biking shot

And so we started to make our way down. The ride felt a bit like cliché New Zealand MTB adventure. Amazing landscapes with a lake everywhere you look, that yellow/brownish grass everywhere and not much signs of civilization as far as you looked. And all of that concluded with some sweet trails – what more could you wish for??

Not so NZ cliché was the wind because there was none – I guess it really was our lucky day.


Our guide John leading the group through the first downhill



John and Ben cruising down the ridge

One of the nicest spots of the downhill was this ridge, which sums up the day pretty neatly. Besides the view of the lakes we saw some of the highest peaks of New Zealand, including Mt. Aspiring and Mt. Cook.


Mt. Aspiring, a remarkable peak in New Zealand, Lake Wanaka and this ridge – not much more that you could wish for.


A loooong way down ahead of the group


Short climb before it got even more down


Short break to rest and get some side info from our guide John

The ride is considered one of New Zealands longest, with a starting point of 6500 feet and roughly 1.5 hours of downhill – when you don’t stop for the views.


Rare shot of the two of us – thanks John


Short uphills to give the arms a bit of a rest before it goes down again


Tina and John


Last uphill and still a lot of downhill before us (we ended up in the flat you see in the background)


Last but not least, we did meet a couple of sheeps too.

More information about this trip can be found here: http://wanakabiketours.co.nz

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