I was writing this blogpost just at about the time when a huge article about Verbier from geebeebee media on pinkbike came out. Therefore look at my post as an addition to the information you get from geebeebee (and some more pictures to convince you that you really should plan a trip to Verbier)


Rather big but beautiful mountain hut „Cabane Mt. Fort“

Verbier has been on our Bucketlist for quite some time (as it should be for you). Last weekend we finally managed to pay Verbier a visit. We usually don’t bring the fullface helmet for trail riding but since we switched in-between bikepark runs and trails it seemed a good idea to bring the big helmet.

Mystic weather at Verbier Bikepark

Mystic weather at Verbier Bikepark

We booked accommodation at Basecamp which is located in Le Chable – down in the valley but just inside the uplift building, 99CHF for a night and 2 days in the bikepark. A great deal, but don’t expect a proper hotel, it really is just a great place to sleep after a full day on the bike. More information and contact data on the website of Verbier bikepark.

Verbier Bikepark

Big mountain panorama at top of Bikepark Verbier

Verbier Bikepark

Trailriding with a view

The bikepark and especially the trails around Verbier managed to impress us big time. We already decided that we have to come back this season for another 2 days of riding. On both days we spent half a day in the park and the other half following the official „enduro“ trails that are marked on the bikepark map. We only followed red and black trails. As it was raining on Saturday some of the black trails got quite difficult but were still rideable.

rock garden at Verbier Bikepark

Armin in a rock „garden“ on the Bec de Rosses Part 1 Trail

Fortunately the weather cleared out and on sunday we found out that the trails in Verbier seem to dry out extremely quick. In the afternoon most of the park was already dry, even the red track in the forest.
The jump trail called Rôdze really is as amazing as Geebeebee Media claims it to be. Armin hasent been on jumps since more than a year but he felt confident on the table jumps and after 2 or 3 runs he cleared most of them – looked like quite a good trail to progress on jumps. And even for me it was fun and safe to jump a little onto the tables.

Armin on a beautiful Verbier trail

Look at those beautiful mountains around Verbier

"hike a bike" to reach the best trails

„hike a bike“ to reach the best trails

Armin playing around on Verbier's biketrails

There is always time to play

Tina on a stunning trail arount Veriber Bikepark

Epic panorama whereever you look…

Favourite Bikepark Run and Trail in Verbier

Our favourite bikepark run from top to bottom began with Rôdze (the jump trail) followed by Wouaiy – a trail with many turns that gets a bit slippery when wet (but that makes this trail even more fun to ride).
As for the enduro trails, we rode Nr. 5 which starts at 2200m and leads you down the valley to La Chable (thats where the Basecamp / camp de base is located) which is at around 850m. Almost from top to bottom on trails. Sweet, especially when considering that you don’t have to pedal up more than 50m. Additionally we rode 7a which gets you to Cabane Mt Fort on a technical trail with some short uphills.

Tina on Verbier's Jumpline

Tina on Verbier’s Jumpline

Panorama view while riding at Verbier Bikepark

Panoramic view while riding at Verbier Bikepark

How was Mountainbiking in Verbier?

All in all it was a great weekend and as already mentioned we will pay Verbier another visit this season. There are just too many options for a short weekend and the combination of great bikepark runs paired with amazing trails is reason enough to come back. The breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys support that urge even more. Verbier is in our opinion one of the few resorts in Switzerland that really has to offer a lot to every type of biker.


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