Our friend Kevin invited us for a weekend of mountainbiking in the Engadin. Obviously an invitation we couldn’t decline.

Unfortunately the weather on Saturday decided to show that summer (once more) doesn’t necessarily needs to be warm and dry. Instead it was super wet and freezing. Luckily for us, the totally opposite was the case on Sunday.

Saturday – Bad weather program: Bernina Express

Bernina express - best badweather uplift ever

Bernina express – best badweather uplift ever

Heated and covered uphill seemed like a great idea, this is why we decided to take the Bernina Express train from St. Moritz up to the Bernina Pass. From there there are a couple of options – all of them meanwhile count as classics – down to Valposchiavo. We took the trail that crosses the railroad a couple of times and where impressed. For me this trail counts to my favourite trails in the Engadin. Parts are manmade optimized to offer small features to play with, other parts offered some sweet root sections. We didn’t ride it dry, but wet it was a lot of fun.

Bernina - Poschiavo

Bernina – Poschiavo

Conclusion: Trail from Bernina Pass to Valposchiavo: Great!

From Valposchiavo you can take the Bernina Express train to get you back to Bernina Pass. Which on dry days would have been the best way to ride the same trail down to Valposchiavo again or try one of the other options. But we were soaking wet and decided to take to XC Trail from Bernina Pass to Samedan. Which was nice too. There were a couple of sweet trail sections.

Conclusion: Trail from Bernina Pass to Pontresina: Sweet and very easy trail that would contain a lot more flow with a XC bike – but still a nice way to end the day after a couple of runs from Bernina Pass down to Valposchiavo.

Chasing my girl

The weather cleared up in the afternoon and stayed like that for sunday

Sunday – Good weather program: Piz Nair, Val Bever and Val Suvretta

With better weather we decided to ride some of the classics in the Engadin. A year ago we went on the „Bahnentour“ and did ride most of the „classics“ around Piz Nair.

Val Suvretta towards St. Moritz, Engadin

Val Suvretta towards St. Moritz, Engadin

My favorite trail in the Engadin that starts at Piz Nair is down the Val Suvretta towards St. Moritz. The beginning super flowy, continued by a short rocky section and finished with the Foppettas flowtrail that leads you down to St. Moritz. The Foppettas Flowtrail is in my opinion way better than the Corviglia Flowtrail. A lot more to play with, some interesting variations but still a flow trail. Definitly worth a visit if you around there. Don’t just ride the Foppettas Flowtrail, you will miss out!

Suvretta da Samedan - Val Bever - Mountainbiking Engadin

Suvretta da Samedan – Val Bever

The trail from Pass Suvretta down into the Val Bever was once great but got destroyed / repaired in the last part – which was my favorite part – and is therefore still beatiful but not anymore a real highlight with bike. At least not with an enduro bike – it now is probably perfectly suited for XC hardtails. Anyway, it is still beautiful but next time we will ride Trais Fluors as the last trail of the day – at least when we stay again in Samedan or Celerina.

Pass Suvretta, Lej Suvretta, Piz Nair, Engadin

Pass Suvretta

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